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Flight instruments

For many civilizations wings have been a symbolic ornament of the supernatural world, of a dimension that exists beyond the earthly one. From the protective falcon wings of the goddess Isis to the wings of warlike archangels.

Parrot wings necklace

Bird over the sky necklace

Lepidoptera necklace

Urania Fulgens necklace

Lepidoptera Earcuff

Parrot earcuff

Nouveau wings earrings

Black and white wings earrings

Deco wings earrings

Crane wings earrings

Falcon wings earrings

Aretes Alas negras

Victorian wings earrings

Diving birds earrings

Lightness of the feather earjackets

Dragonfly wings earrings

Falcon wings earrings

Peacock feather earrings

Blue feathers earrings

Wings symbol earrings

Black and white swan necklace

Falcon wings earrings